We often feel very strongly about crafting a logo, wanting to create something truly unique to our product and service. So much so that we try our hardest to inject history, symbolism and meaning into a tiny icon that our potential customers might view in an instant, although this can seem logical, it’s the opposite of what you should strive for.

So what should a logo represent within the brand identity system?

Your logo should be something one can identify, not explain. The logo is a symbol that is part of a more prominent brand and identity system.

The logo is not the brand and looking for ways to get your logo to explain your brand’s objectives, goals, and the desired audience can be a frustrating process that sends you back to the drawing board repeatedly.

According to designer Sagi Haviv, you should consider three things when developing a logo.

Is the logo…

  1. Appropriate
  2. Distinctive
  3. Simple

The desire to feel an emotional connection right away is not always in the best interest of your desired customer. The logo needs to work to stick around long enough to gain recognition over time.

One example of this is our latest work in partnership with Adobe. We leaned in to learn about what makes our client unique in the marketplace and crafted a logo that one could remember and would last the test of time. Good logos need to be memorable, and they need to stick around for a long time. Brands are not static; they change and shift over time.

Remember that a logo is just one part of a significant foundation for building a brand and identity. Creating something memorable is more than choosing a specific colour palette or typeface. However, these things can play an important role, and it’s essential to look at the logo from an objective point of view.

Here are some questions to ask before you start your next logo design project. 

What are some excellent examples of well-known brands that apply this rule well? What points would you add to this list to keep in mind when building an identity? 

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