Callao City Theatre – Autumn in Madrid

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Celebrating Autumn in Madrid and welcoming the change ahead by creating artwork to be place throughout the cities architecture and plaza

Restaurants Vancouver – Congrappa

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Congrappa is a concept restaurant. Established in 1926, our restaurant and winery are dedicated to creating simple Italian dishes from our family to yours.

Modern Font – Monolyth Display

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Monolyth is a sans-serif display typeface perfect for your next creative project. The typeface includes 112 Glyphs. Punctuation, numbers, symbols and currency.

Ninebar Coffee

Ninebar provides coffee, tea, and supper to coffee-conscious customers in a curious and historic environment, emphasizing knowledge and sustainable consumption.

Hurray! Kimmay + Adobe CoCreate

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With over 16 years of experience, Hurray! Kimmay is out to change our perspective on undergarments and intimate wear. Buying a bra is more than just a retail experience

Marriot, The Memphian Hotel

Marriott International’s newest collection of exceptional independent hotels around the globe. Focused on creating design-rich environments that bring people together.


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Cosmos/Benthos features a collection of short fiction, essays, photographs, illustrations, whimsical cocktail recipes and culinary delights. In collaboration with our sister Design Agency One of Us Collective


Mariam is a high-end fashion brand based out of Moscow, Russia. The identity explores the textures of each material used combined with a sense of spontaneity and surprise.

Flora Fauna – Design Inspired by Nature

We are excited to have our latest project Delilah – Limited Edition Teas published by Victionary in their latest book Flora Fauna: Design Inspired by Nature. Take a closer look at the inspiration behind our latest packaging project.