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11Retail Clothing Store Design

Retail Clothing Store Design: Mariam is a high-end fashion brand based out of Moscow, Russia. Made for women by women, Mariam produces only the finest quality garments. Created from high-quality natural fibre and crafted with the utmost attention and care. 

The quality, thought and dedication to each piece makes the brand stand out above the rest. Every detail has been anticipated and thought out in advance. Leaving the customer with an exquisite experience from beginning to end.

Exploring the textures of each material used combined with a sense of spontaneity and surprise. The brand exudes a sense of playfulness and incorporates a palette that is exuberant yet refined.

Photographs & Styling by Issha Marie

11Frashion Brand Mariam Logo and Wordmark - Vancouver Design Agency
11Brand Guidlines Mariam Moscow based Fashion Brand
11Illustration for Mariam Fashion Branding by Monograph&Co Vancouver
11Fashion Brand Retail Branding - Branding Mariam
11Fashion Branding for Mariam
11Retail Clothing Store Design
11Retail Clothing store design

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