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Ninebar provides coffee, tea, and supper to coffee-conscious customers in a curious and historic environment, emphasizing knowledge and sustainable consumption. Leaving customers feeling curious and inspired with a new appreciation and knowledge base in sustainability.

Brand Naming

The name Ninebar derives from the art of making espresso. When an espresso coffee maker uses 9 bars, that means water is being forced through the bed of coffee grounds at nine times more pressure than the natural atmospheric pressure. Take a look at our behind-the-scenes process on how we built the identity LIVE with Adobe and Adobe Creative Cloud

11Coffee Shop Branding Design

The Goal:

The goal was to be the leader in bringing unique blends of coffee and different roasting methods to the marketplace. Showcasing the different types of coffee in a unique and fascinating way. Promoting a more profound sense of knowledge and love for the product. Inviting those to stay, take a time-out and do something good for their well-being.

How to we craft a brand that is contemporary and modern yet still holds true to its history and roots? A cafe that invites and encourages others to take pause and enjoy a good espresso and a pleasant meal among friends.

11Coffee Shop Branding Packaging Design
11Coffee Shop Packaging Design
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