Marriot The Memphian Hotel

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Hotel Branding Agency Marriott International’s newest collection of exceptional independent hotels around the globe. Focused on creating design-rich environments that bring people together, this family of boutique properties attracts travelers in search of fresh experiences that reflect their own individuality. (description curtosy of The Memphian Hotel

Our agency teamed up with world-renowned Contemporary Art Gallery Artstar New York to create a one-of-a-kind art piece that reflects the Marriots latest line of hotels. Paying tribute to its curated art spaces, contemporary design and elegance.

The Artwork can be seen both in the hotel lobby and throughout guest rooms. The peace creates a tranquil and dream-like atmosphere with electric pops of colour! A sense of peace and excitement fills the air as you take on this new adventure.

11Hotel Branding Agency
11Marriot The Memphian Sophia Ahamed