11Illustrative Branding by Victionary - Monograph&Co. Design Agency Vancouver

Victionary: Illustrative Branding

We are proud to have been included in Victionary’s latest publication Illustrative Branding Featuring our project Purèe Organics.You can purchase the book on the Victionary website, Chapters Canada, Barns&Nobles and on Amazon.

About the book:
Illustration tells stories. Going beyond a logo and meaningful palette, illustration adds layers that enrich a brand’s identity, granting it a vivid character to engage the audience and be remembered. The bespoke nature of hand-rendered designs also invites a meaningful connection through the care put into the details. When an illustrator’s work complements a brand’s philosophy and objectives the result is a powerful story told through stunning visuals.

From delightful packaging to tongue-in-cheek restaurant setting guarded by outlandish cartoons or serene nature-scapes, all contributes to the whole of the brand experience, some even lure consumers into collecting tactile applications of the brand. ILLUSTRATIVE BRANDING takes you on a beguiling journey through nearly 100 stellar projects and in-depth case studies of illustrated identities conceived for eateries, fashion labels, skincare products, enterprises, and many more.