11Gestalten - Start Me Up! Branding for New Business

Start Me Up! Branding for New Business

July 10th 2018

We are proud to have been included in Gestalten’s latest publication Start Me Up! Branding for New Business! Featuring our project Purèe Organics. This classic book is known to be a favorite amongst designers and creative enthusiasts alike. You can purchase the book on Gestalten’s website, Chapters Canada, Barns&Nobles and on Amazon.

Here is more about the book (excerpt by Gestalten):
In the age of startups and a new generation of entrepreneurs, corporate design is being redefined through distinctive visual creativity. Never before has there been more enthusiasm surrounding entrepreneurship. Today, young entrepreneurs across the globe are relentlessly developing innovative products and services.

Fresh businesses and social initiatives are appearing in industries ranging from fashion to farming, from high-tech to creative handcraft. These companies are run by passionate professionals who are well aware that following their vision is just as important as continuously communicating their vision’s brand. Corporate branding works as an extension of a business by visually expressing its concept, so it is no surprise that new stories require a new visual language. Start Me Up! presents a wide range of original examples for inspiration.

The designs created striking corporate identities through humorous business cards, quality stationery, graphic T-shirts, and on-point packaging. This work allows for the brands to distinguish themselves from the rest and attract their targeted audience’s attention. More than ever before, businesses are defining themselves through carefully coordinated communications. Start Me Up! is a comprehensive compendium of innovative corporate design for a new generation.