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Type Foundry.

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Welcome to our humble type foundry, where we design a variety of typefaces for you to use both personally and commercially. Please be sure to read the FAQ section and the licencing section before selecting a typeface to purchase. Our foundry is 100% run and owned by women of colour and was established in 2022. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us at

We hope you love our typefaces as much as we love creating them for you! View more of our agencies work here

Buy Fonts! This is a place where you can Buy Fonts.


Type Creation & Distribution.

All typefaces listed in our shop were created by our studio Monograph&Co. You may not distribute, lend, rent,  give away or publicly/privately share any modified or unmodified versions of the typefaces you see here. You may not modify the fonts in any way nor commission a third party to modify and redistribute the fonts for any means. 

What is a font license?

A font license simply grants you the right to use a font in a specific context (ie. on a website, as a logo etc). The licence gives you the right to use the font but the intellectual property (IP) is still owned by the creator/designer of the typeface.

Are all licenses/prices the same?

No. This varies as each foundry that sells a specific typeface will have different licensing stipulations and prices. We try our best to make sure our licencing and pricing agreements are relatively the same across all the foundries that carry our work, however, this is not always guaranteed. 


All purchases are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for any other files. Although every typeface is tested for the best results, we can not guarantee that the font files will work perfectly on every operating system. If you experience any difficulties we will gladly look into the problem as best we can and follow up with a solution. Please email us with samples of your issue and how we can help at


Licensing Agreement

This is an agreement between you, the purchaser and licensee, Monograph&Co. By purchasing and installing or obtaining our typefaces you accept the terms of this licensing agreement.

What is a font licence?

A font licence simply grants you the right to use a font in a specific context (ie. on a website, as a logo etc). The licence gives you the right to use the font but the intellectual property (IP) is still owned by the creator/designer of the typeface.

General Usage.

Each typeface purchased can be used both personally and commercially in regards to the following terms. You are granted (1) license per purchase. Each license allows you to use the typeface on (1) commercial-based project and unlimited personal projects.  You can install the font on up to (3) computers per license. 

In addition, the typeface may be used on websites/apps with a maximum of 100,000 views/downloads per month. If you are buying the typeface for a client project, please make sure that your client or organization purchases the correct license to use. You will have to buy multiple licenses for multiple users outside of your organization/business. If you should have any questions or require specific licensing for a project/user please email us at


By purchasing our typefaces, the user/customer does not receive the copyright to the design or any other part of the font/typeface. You do obtain to use the typeface as stated in the above agreement. You may not distribute, sell, repurpose, lend, give away or modify our typefaces under any circumstances. Please be sure to purchase our work via our website or through our affiliates which we will mention online at  Any breach of the terms of use will terminate your license to use any of the typefaces on our website. Once your license has been terminated you must delete any copies of fonts you have, including any duplicated copies.

Monograph&Co. Type

New Releases

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Monolyth Display Type

Monolyth is a new Display Typeface perfect for your next creative project. Its bold letters and unique glyphs can give your latest project a creative and dynamic touch. Personal and Commercial licences available.